Facebook EngagementOne of the things I’ve noticed a lot with my peers, clients, and friends who’ve bought Facebook Likes is that they usually don’t know what to do afterwards. They get these massive amounts of fans, but they don’t do anything else – To them, they’ve won the battle, and think the war is over. They don’t do any other marketing or promoting, and they don’t engage their Facebook Fans properly. In the end, they aren’t using Facebook to it’s full potential.

I am going to teach you how to change that! First of all, you need to understand (if you didn’t already) that “Buying Facebook Likes” is not the Ultimate Solution – It’s a shortcut. It’s a way of quickly kick-starting your Fan Page and making it look more popular and more desirable to potential fans, visitors, customers, clients, etc.. If you stop there, it just doesn’t look believable and people will wonder “How did they even get this far?”. Think of it like climbing a mountain; Instead of starting from the bottom, buying Facebook likes is like getting a helicopter ride to a halfway point. Once you’re there, it’s a little easier to get started but you still have to make your way to the top, and that’s exactly what I’ll teach you how to do here.

Engaging your Facebook Fans

Engaging your Facebook Fans is very important. You’ll get their attention, spark their interest and help make them become active. Engaged and Active Facebook Fans are a big part of your online Sales force, as they’ll promote you to their friends and peers, and you’ll slowly and surely grow your Facebook Fans.

  • Post what your Fans are interested in. Not what you want. 
  • Don’t be boring. Some of your post should be  informative, but some should be entertaining as well.
  • Use “Fill in the blank” posts – This gets fans to comment and engage in conversation.
  • Stay Up-To-Date and Relevant.
  • A Picture is worth a thousands words. Post pictures (relevant) regularly.
  • What’s a video worth? – Post short, relevant videos
  • Share “Behind the Scenes” post, pictures or even videos. This gives you page a more “human” touch.
  • Share relevant links.
  • Ask your fans questions.
  • Use words like When, Where, Should, Would when asking questions.
  • Flash Sales – Give fans that are online now a special little something.
  • Run a Contest, and require ‘Voters’ to like your page.
  • Mention or Showcase Leaders in your industry.
  • Keep your posts Short and Sweet (less than 100 characters).

When should you Engage your Fans

  • Post when your fans are most likely online.
  • This means, every second of every minute (I’m kidding. Just making sure you’re paying attention)
  • Time Zones. If you have fans in multiple time zones, take that into consideration.
  • Post at least once or twice a day.
  • Wednesdays and Sundays are HOT days. This is when your fans are usually most active.
  • Schedule Posts beyond business hours (when your fans aren’t at work or school)

Remember than your Facebook Posts have an half-life of about 2-3 hours. Within this time, most than half of the people who are going to see it, have seen it.


How Should you Engage your Fans

  • Be Human, not a robot. Always have a “personal’ touch when you post things.
  • Change your Cover Photo every once in a while.
  • Give your Fans special instructions such as Like, Comment, or Share.
  • Link to or mention relavent posts by others.

Bite Back

Bite Back! 

Don’t be a one way street. Engage your fans right back at them.

  • Talk to your fans
  • Answer their questions
  • Thank them
  • Direct message them (don’t spam)
  • Like their Fan Pages, acting as your business.
  • Respond Timely

Take Advantage of  Facebook Features

  • Facebook Insight Reports – They give you tons of information and “Insight”. From how people are engaging with your page, demographics and how well you’re doing overall. You can adjust your engagement strategies based on this information. 
  • Promote Posts – You can ‘Promote” some of your important post, to reach more fans and more people on Facebook.
  • Create Milestones
  • Use Events
  • Create Photo Albums (Keep it relevant)
  • Highlight Important Posts to make them more noticeable.


And lastly, have fun! Engaging your Facebook Fans shouldn’t be a struggle, but a journey and adventure. Stay connected, active and you’ll definitely enjoy the ride. If you haven’t already, be sure to checkout our Facebook Marketing Guide, to help you give your page more exposure.