Scam Warning Did we mention how much we HATE scams? Well, the Buy Facebook Likes Industry (as good as it may seem) has the unfortunate luck of being a victim of TONS and TONS of Scammers trying to make a quick profit. A lot of the providers we tested turned out to be Scams. Most of the time we were able to get our money back, but a few times we were ripped off and couldn’t do anything about it (We’ve lost over $400 to these scams over the course of a year).

We’ve listed out the Facebook Like providers that either Scammed us, or we had a VERY bad experience with. We provided a brief summary of our experience with each one. Our recommendation: Avoid these Suppliers at all cost.


ProviderOur ExperienceOverall
ProviderOur ExperienceOverall
Flat-Out Scam - Must Avoid
FBViro is a scam. They were like ordering from a brick wall - They NEVER got back to us, so we had to resort to contacting our Credit Card Company to open up a dispute. Stay Away from this company.Never Delivered Any Likes.
✖ Customer Support is Nonexistent.
✖ We had to contact our Credit Card Company.
Get Plus Ones
Malware / Virus
Avoid! Get Plus One used to be a normal bad customer service, cookie-cutter website until recently - Their website is now home to Malware that will automatically infect your computer. Avoid at all cost!   ✖✖✖ Malware
Get Likes
Very Bad Support / Service
Get Likes is a very shady and untrustworthy company. They claimed to deliver real likes, but they ended up delivering some of the lowest quality likes we received! Their customer support took 3 days to respond, and 2 weeks to issue a refund. They don't have a privacy policy either, so be careful. ✖ Low Quality Facebook Likes
✖ Bad Customer Support
✖ No Replacement Guarantee
✖ No Privacy Policy
✖ Makes False Claims
Flat-Out Scam - Must Avoid (or Need Fans as they brand themselves) is a scam. We ordered from them and never heard back from them. They didn't deliver anything, and their customer support is always offline. We had to open a PayPal Claim to get our money back. Never Delivered Any Likes.
✖ Customer Support is Nonexistent.
✖ We were forced to open a PayPal Claim.
Fan Likes
Very Unreliable Service
We had a bad experience with FanLikes from day one. After ordering, we contacted their support team (as we usually do) and did not get a response until the 4th day. We did complete the service within 5 days, but the quality was definitely lacking and we saw big drops (a few hundred likes disappeared) within a week and they did not stop until all the likes were gone.   ✖ Lost All Facebook Likes within 1 Month
  ✖ Limited Money-Back Guarantee
  ✖ Replacement Guarantee
  ✖ Makes False Claims